Success Factor Education.

Due to a universe of possible applications, sensor technology has emerged as a technological “backbone” in the modern high-tech world. As a trendsetting key technology in many engineering fields, sensor technology has considerable potential for development. For this reason, targeted and continuous investments in education are invaluable for career starters and career changers as well as specialized personnel and executive management. Our goal is to increase success rates of innovation projects in the development process of sensor technology companies and shortening these process cycles simultaneously.

We Educate. Working Together for the Future.

The new advanced training program “Industrial Technologist” uses sectoral organization to match the needs of members of the Cluster Sensorik precisely. Employees will be acquainted continuously with cutting-edge methods, technologies, applications, and new product developments according to requirements of their companies. This approach enables industrial technologists to implement innovative strategies in companies and to stimulate new developments in regional branches.

Professional Development. By Means of Experts from Science and Industry.

We have designed a comprehensive seminar program, which is available to all members and associated partners in the Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. (SPS) network. Our choice of advanced training and professional development includes extensive seminar series and certificate courses, as well as one-day seminars and workshops, for which we invite selected speakers from science and industry on a regular basis.

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