We Provide Recruitment Service Competence.
Fast, Flexible, and Custom-made.

As leading expert interface for sensor technology using a broadly based network, we are the ideal recruitment partner with regard to specialists and senior management. This encompasses job applicants, entrepreneurs, and employers likewise and we are happy to make contact.

Your Interests in Mind. Individual Consulting, Service, and More.

We provide individual services and comprehensive consulting to find solutions for all requirements. Are you looking for qualified applicants? We use selective and efficient searches to identify eligible specialists or senior management and tie them to your company. Do you intend to complete an internship in this strong growing field, or are you looking for a permanent job? We look forward to meeting you to convey suitable positions.

Your Benefit.

Our business proposition is based on the results of conducted research focusing on human resources. The goal here is to streamline HR processes and adapt them to contemporary needs. The projects are subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, the Bavarian State Ministries of Employment and Social Affairs, Family and Women, and the European Union.

Our Services Include:

  • Personnel recruiting
  • HR marketing
  • Platform of experts
  • Advanced professional training
  • Individual consulting for customized solutions
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