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German companies cover roughly one third of the world wide sensor technology demand. We intend to keep and expand the international pole position in one of the key technologies of the 21st century. Continuous cutting-edge R&D is a vital aspect for us in this endeavor. Founded in 2007, Sensorik-Bayern GmbH concentrates experts to aid innovative R&D projects applying both high technical and business standards.

We Are Your Business Partner for Innovation and Progress: Sensorik-Bayern GmbH.

Comprising small and medium sized businesses, large companies and global players, we are there for you. The experts of Sensorik-Bayern GmbH maintain comprehensive advising services and provide fast assistance resolving staffing shortage using their recognized know-how.
In addition, we collaborate with all relevant universities and technical institutes. This helps us to speed up technology transfer between universities and industry in order to achieve optimal results for individual projects.

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