The Platform of Experts
Concerning Sensor Technology.

Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. (SPS) officially manages the Bavarian cluster for the competence field of sensor technology since 2006. This means that we bundle the interests of enterprises, universities, and other research institutes on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria. We are a widely recognized network in the sensor technology sector with roughly 70 members (companies and institutes) from industry and science, and additional 150 associated partners.

A Strong Network of Concentrated Competence.

Our network houses groundbreaking, small and medium sized businesses as well as global players. Examples include Siemens, Infineon, Continental, Krones, OSRAM, Micro-Epsilon, Dallmeier Electronic and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen. In addition, leading universities and research institutes in Bavaria are also members. We are well positioned in the field of networking industry and science and offer a service portfolio involving professional development and innovation consulting services, and we offer recruitment services for qualified employees as well as senior management.

We Research, Promote, and Provide Advice.

Our capacity to innovate is considerable. In 2007, we founded Sensorik-Bayern GmbH as a subsidiary of SPS to fuel R&D ambitions with our know-how. The GmbH supports partners and official members of SPS with technical and economical expertise, advises acquisition of subsidies and other financing opportunities, and helps out reducing staffing shortage. Read more about our services in the sections R&D and Sensorik-Bayern GmbH:

Dates, Facts, and Figures.

  • Roughly one third of the world wide sensor technology demand is covered by German companies.
  • Twenty-three percent of German companies in the sensor technology sector have their head office in Bavaria.
  • Additional 21 % of these companies are located in Baden-Württemberg.
  • SPS is networking 70 member companies and institutes from science and industry.


  • SPS is a strong and well positioned network including additional 150 associated partners.
  • Since 2006, SPS has been taking the lead in sensor technology cluster competence in Bavaria.
  • Sensorik-Bayern GmbH was founded in 2007.


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